How To Make Friends If You Work From Home

Repotting will elevate the friendship from work bae to full-fledged bud. Making the decision to move to a new city, either for the 1st or 100th time, comes with a lot of change. New routines, new friends, new cultures, languages, and norms enter your life the minute you step out of the plane, train, or automobile. Try telling an existing friend that you’re “looking to expand your social circle” and ask them who they think you should grab coffee with. Planting the seed that you’re someone who likes to connect will keep you top of mind to be included as your friends add new relationships of their own. Whether you devote your time to a charity, church, or a community organization, making a difference can be a great way to make friends. Coming together for the common good will raise your spirits and increase your chance of making new friends.

  • Although that doesn’t mean talking to everyone you see (don’t worry, Steve!), it does mean that you should make yourself accessible to meeting new people.
  • When you’re stuck at home, there’s no similar casual hangout, but just being in the office isn’t the solution, as tempting as it might be to think so.
  • This gives you the chance to not only check out all the nearby spots but also the chance to meet some of your fellow locals.
  • Once college is gone your hobbies become a lot more important.
  • Sitting at the bar of a restaurant instead of the tables says you’re excited and welcoming of new people.
  • This happened at a house I used to share with three roommates.

So we fall into casual relationships that occasionally turn into deeper relationships due to proximity. Lending libraries are popping up in towns and cities all over the country, with the purpose of promoting reading in a fun way. These little streetside libraries allow locals to both borrow books for free and donate books.

Making New Friends As A Digital Nomad

We have a review article on apps and websites to meet new friends. Once you’ve followed the rest of our tips and started the process of making friends, you may still struggle to find time to do things together. Sadly, these activities rarely leave us feeling well-rested and fulfilled.

  • You’ve successfully moved to a new city or town, and after tackling the mosturgent post-move tasks, now you begin to wonder how to make friends in a new city.
  • Here in Hamburg, my boyfriend and I live in Eppendorf, a lovely neighborhood that’s filled with cute boutiques, cafes, bakeries, salons, etc.
  • Reading books is an amazing pastime – it has the power to create infinite new worlds just for you, it’s fun, plus it’s good for the brain and your overall emotional health.
  • These approaches may be outside your comfort zone, or feel too forced or unnatural.
  • Choose a milestone, like a big project or deadline, or perhaps the start of a new venture as your launching point for a prospective hangout.

Before going to an event, we can plan our exit and how long we’ll stay. Perhaps you might want to stay for minutes at first and set a goal to speak with, say, 2-3 people. The perhaps most useful for me has been practicing not beating myself up if things didn’t go well. Everyone else also makes mistakes sometimes and it would be weird if we never did. If you feel that it is weird to practice making new friends, you are not alone. I’m not sure if we can completely get rid of shyness for the rest of our lives but I’ve found that we can make it easier by creating habits that get us out of our own head.

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Like if you normally exercise at home, try joining a class or running club. If you like reading about new ideas, try to attend some seminars or book clubs. Maybe the members on your favorite online group or forum arrange local meet ups. Another key benefit of attending local events when looking to make friends is that they allow you to meet many different people. Instead, I’ve found it easier to meet people when doing things e.g. painting, sports or whatever you are into, so there is a blend between talking and doing something together.

  • In this way, people are able to slowly, but surely be able to connect with their community, without shouting ‘I need a friend!
  • And while there are lots of fun things about life after college, there are downsides as well.
  • You’re stepping outside your comfort zone and this is where your true strength lies.
  • Planting the seed that you’re someone who likes to connect will keep you top of mind to be included as your friends add new relationships of their own.
  • When I first moved to Mexico, I would randomly burst into tears just really missing my friends, and texting them brought a sense of comfort, but I realized I couldn’t just rely on them.

We can get a lighter version of that by going to a foreign country since we both live through a similar experience. If you are going to a gathering, can you research some of the people coming to the event before? People often like to be recognized (you might say “I saw you did….”). One of the best things I’ve found is to go talk to someone before the shyness kicks in. A nice way to warm yourself up is by talking to the taxi driver or saying hi to the doorman on the way in since those are quick conversations that aren’t supposed to last long anyway. Next, let’s dive into some specific ideas to overcome feeling shy when going out. If you think it might be easier, consider going to a thing where no one knows you so you can start fresh.

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Public places are where you’ll expect to find the most people, right? For instance, museums, aquariums, and zoos are public places. Every city has a number of museums where you can explore and admire the diverse exhibits. Zoos and aquariums provide walking tours and wildlife classes, so you can sign up for one.

How to make friends if I work from home in a new city

Now not all new relationships will work and you’ll have to learn to recognize the signs . But, you’ll be far more comfortable in an unfamiliar environment the more you put yourself out there. Living in a new city, you don’t have the old habits or your favorite spots to rely on. On the link below you'll find a training series focused on how to feel at ease socially, even if you tend to overthink today. There are many different ways to get involved with volunteering, so there is sure to be an opportunity that interests you.

Join A Book Club

A shared enthusiasm is bound to make connecting to new people that little bit easier. If we can create a habit out of meeting people on a regular basis, it won’t feel so tiring and more like something we just do, even if we are on a busy schedule. That in turn will create a snowball effect that leads us to meet more people through our friends and friends of friends. We can exchange each of those steps into a ‘friendship funnel’.

How to make friends if I work from home in a new city

These online communities are a great way to connect with like-minded individuals in your new city who you might not have met otherwise. And, since you already have something in common with these people (i.e. your love for the city), it’s much easier to start up a conversation and how to make friends when you work from home get to know them better. Of course, landing a job in your field or at a company you admire may not be easy. But if you put yourself out there and take the time to network, the rewards can be well worth it. So don’t be afraid to reach out and start making some new friends today.

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However, some jobs are a lot better for this than others. If you're lucky you'll have a position in a large organization and be put in a department with a bunch of other fun people your age.

How to make friends if I work from home in a new city

Still, whether you realize it or not, moving to a new city is exactly the time when you’re going to need friends more than ever. Do a Google search to find more apps for making friends – that is, apps for helping you meet people in your area. It’s never easy to make new friends in a new city – it takes considerable effort, some planning and plenty of courage too. So, in the very beginning, you may be looking for good ways to hook up with like-minded people almost effortlessly. When I got to the part about getting invited to a picnic, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I’m extremely lonely and can’t even get people to come over to my apartment or meet somewhere.

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If you tend to have a hard time striking up conversations, think of topics and prepare questions ahead of time to reduce the pressure and intimidation of talking to people. Smaller towns or boroughs may not have as many people or opportunities as larger cities. Making friends in a new town may require branching out to neighboring towns and cities. And the sooner you make an effort to meet and engage with people, the sooner you’ll find yourself with plenty of pals to keep you company. While building new connections, get used to the idea that people will say no, or just completely ghost you. Since most people never leave their hometown, chances are you’ll run into someone that knows the area very well.

Add to that starting point the physical absence of work colleagues, and you might feel like forming meaningful connections with new people is a daunting, almost impossible, task. This is especially true if, like many remote workers, you’ve just moved to a new city. For those of you living abroad, I can also highly recommend joining an expat club.

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You can also find information on education opportunities, municipal and school board meetings, and how to get involved in the community. There isn’t a definitive answer as to how long it will take you to make friends in a new city, but friendship stages tend to develop as you spend more time together. Making friends as an adult is tough enough when you’re familiar with your surroundings and the people in them, but transplanting to a whole new city can make it even more difficult. People have good intentions but they get busy or life just happens. Your old friends and friends of friends can be a pathway to new friendships.

Create A Community Garden

Think about it – you already have something in common with your co-workers (supposedly!) and you interact with them on a daily basis. Now it’s the perfect time to try and get to know them better. Obviously this depends whether you’re looking for romantic or platonic relationships but it’s certainly a way to make connections in a new place. Bumble has a ‘BFF’ feature for those looking for friendship. When I moved to Porto, I lived in a co-living space for the first month. This is where a bunch of mid-term travellers share a space.