Antivirus For iPhone – What You Need to Know

As you’d expect, the operating system used on the iPhone and iPad, iOS, is immune to most malware and viruses. This would appear to be enough to ensure their security however, even the most secure device is susceptible to cyber-attacks. It is important to know the best antivirus for iphones and how you can protect your phone.

Contrary to most Android phones, which can be infected with viruses and spyware via unsecure Wi-Fi networks or malicious apps downloaded from outside the App Store, Apple’s iOS is secured by strict security measures. This makes it very difficult to infect yourself with viruses on an iPhone or iPad, unless it’s jailbroken. Antivirus on iPhones isn’t necessary unless you’re using a jailbroken device, since malware is only transmitted through apps. applications have been tested before they are allowed to be published in the App Store.

The best antivirus for iphone provides a range of internet security tools to safeguard your devices from phishing links including spam calendar invites, browser trackers, adware downloads, data-stealing apps and more. A few of the top antivirus brands offer parental control tools to improve the Apple’s iOS parental controls.

Norton For instance, provides a sophisticated antivirus program for mac and iphone which combines several features to guard against infection. It has a virus scanner and firewall, web protection and VPN. It also scans the dark web for personal information that hackers may take from your device, like passwords and bank information.

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