Antivirus Problems

Antivirus is a well-known product that has been advertised as a common product, similar to a detergent, toothbrush or a car. Although it is an everyday product it isn’t without flaws and problems.

It’s not feasible for antivirus programs to keep up with the sheer quantity and variety of new malware becoming developed each day. It’s an arms race, and not all antivirus software on the market or online offers a level of security close to 100%.

Another issue is that viruses and Trojans are able to manipulate the software on your system, making it so that it cannot detect them properly. This is possible when the virus alters the settings of the antivirus program, or when it exploits one of its features or functions to create false-positive.

There are a variety of instances when the antivirus software does not recognize files even if they are malicious. The antivirus software has not yet had a chance of adding the file to its database. To achieve this, it has to look over the file and analyze its contents with malicious files already present in the database of the antivirus. This is a time-consuming and resource-intensive process. And the slower it is it is, the less accurate the detection. Besides, the antivirus must install interceptors of system events deep within the protected computer kernel in order to analyze the data and then send it to its engine for analysis.

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