Avast Game Mode

Avast game mode is an exclusive feature that blocks certain features of the antivirus software to free up system resources and improve performance while you play games. It automatically detects games you play and optimizes them to give them the best performance. It allows customization, so you can add certain games to its « whitelist » to ensure that they are always receiving the resources required.

In addition to optimizing PC settings Game mode also disables background processes, and mutes notifications generated by Avast or Windows, as well as it pauses Windows updates to allow you to enjoy your game without interruption. It also gives priority to CPU resources for your game and makes the most of them to ensure that you are getting the highest possible gaming experience.

Avast Game Mode, unlike traditional antivirus software, was created specifically for gamers and provides an enhanced gaming experience. Its intelligent system detects the moment when a player is engaged in games and then suspends resource-intensive activities such as scanning or updating to minimize interference. This allows your computer to dedicate its resources to your games, leading to quicker loading times and better gaming.

The game mode is available as a component of Avast software, and can be enabled or disabled through its user interface. It is accessible through the User Interface Settings menu by selecting « Components » and then either checking or unchecking the box next to the word ‘Game Mode’. It should be noted that even if you deactivate the Game Mode, Avast’s real-time protection remains active.


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