Drafting Board Meeting Minutes

You’ll want to record a document that accurately records what transpired at the meeting, to be able to safeguard yourself in the future. To do this, you must concentrate on the most important discussions and the decisions that were made at the meeting. You’ll need to ensure that all pertinent details are recorded. This includes a list of the participants (including those who attended via the phone or online) as well as their roles and also the time the meeting ended.

Your board’s minutes shouldn’t be a transcript of all the opinions and remarks that were made. Your board’s minutes should be impartial and avoid the use of inflammatory or colourful opinions, disagreements between members or political comments. Also, you should eliminate any idle talk or tangents, as they may create liability issues in the event that your board is required to review the minutes.

Disagreements that go beyond the agenda are not uncommon at board meetings, but they should be distinctly marked as off the record and should not be included in your board meeting minutes. It boardroombox.com is better to note that the board had a discussion that wasn’t even on the agenda, and don’t record any details about the discussion. In the same way, you should record how board members voted against or in favor of certain motions and document their rationales. This will provide a clear and accurate record of the vote that could prove useful in the event there are any future legal issues.

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