Essential Features of a Virtual Data Room Provider

A virtual dataroom is a great way to share documents with clients and partners. A VDR can also contain other features that can be customized to simplify workflows, enhance communication and collaboration between teams, and simplify workflows.

One of the most important aspects of these features are security measures. A trusted platform will have multiple layers of protection working together to keep files online safe. You should look for certifications such as ISO 27081, which has some of the most stringent security standards in the business.

Another essential feature is the ability to set permissions for certain groups of users. You might want to limit access to certain folders or to a particular type of document, but allowing full access to others. Some providers allow the option of adding watermarks on uploaded documents, preventing unwanted copies and sharing. Comprehensive activity reports reveal who has accessed what and when, as well as for how long. This allows you to keep track of the activity.

You’ll need a powerful searching feature that is able to detect exact and partial matches within all directories and files that are uploaded. Some providers also utilize optical character recognition (OCR) for images and PDFs in order to narrow down searches. A strong search feature is essential in navigating massive, unorganized folder structures and can help avoid costly errors like deleting or misplacing files.

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