How to Host a Successful Board Meeting

A board meeting can be productive and enjoyable. However, running the board meeting successfully isn’t easy. The time of board members is valuable, and it’s the task as the chairperson to steer the discussion in the proper direction and ensure that everyone is involved throughout the entire meeting. Unplanned decisions can be costly for your business, especially if they affect the other members of the board.

Begin with a detailed agenda that’s given to board members ahead of time. Make sure you provide a clear explanation of the reason behind every item on the agenda: Is it to inform, gather data, or reach an agreement? Understanding the goal of each topic can assist you in managing your time and avoid getting lost.

Address any old business items that require a vote and are ready for approval before moving on to the next business issues. You don’t want to spend all of your meeting time discussing these items. Instead make sure that each issue gets the attention that it deserves. If you find that your board has to spend too much time discussing old business, think about pushing them to the agenda for the next meeting or requesting a future report to be presented at an upcoming meeting.

If your board meetings take place online Encourage participation by allowing participants to speak up when it’s their turn to speak. This will help the chair of the board acknowledge everyone and keep discussion on the right track. Make sure everyone turns off their microphones when not talking. This will help avoid distractions such as pets or children. Also, plan your online meetings outside of normal meal times to avoid people from eating on camera.

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