The Best Antivirus Rescue Disks

The disks for Virus Rescue can be utilized in situations when your antivirus program has stopped working. They’re available for a number of antivirus companies and are simple to use, providing users a range of customizable options in terms of the way they want the program to scan the system.

Certain applications provide the familiar desktop experience Some offer users with a collection of bonus utilities. Kaspersky’s Rescue Disk, for example, is powered by Xfce Linux and includes Firefox, Thumar File Manager, and a few other apps that can be useful for other uses. The rescue disk comes with the ability to select which files should be scanned or to indicate whether you want to ignore files larger than a certain size.

Other rescue disks are not equipped with advanced interfaces, like Trend Micro’s. It doesn’t feature an interactive graphical user interface and you must navigate with arrow keys. This basic rescue disc makes up for the lack of features by being small and boasting a great track record of finding malware during AVComparatives’ real-world security testing.

ESET’s SysRescue Live is an excellent option for those who want an easier user interface. It offers one of the most rounded and polished interfaces on this list. It’s based on the exact antivirus engine that is used in the full-featured version of the software and its user-friendly interface provides numerous customization options to pick from, including the ability to run a custom or smart scan, setting exclusions, and selecting whether to run either a thorough or quick scan.

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